The officers of this corporation are committed Christians and recognize that God is sovereign over all worldly affairs.

We acknowledge that He is the source of all that we bring to the venture and that He gives us the ability to produce wealth.

We acknowledge that He has an over-riding purpose for humankind and we subordinate the purpose of this enterprise to His divine plan.

We feel that it is in line with His purpose that this corporation be formed and we will continually seek to know and to do God's will in every aspect of our lives. We will regularly seek God's wisdom on matters affecting this business through prayer, His Word, His Spirit, and the counsel of others.

We recognize that God views the affairs of man from an eternal perspective. We will operate from the same perspective as we attend to our business interests. We will resist conforming to the business practices of the world and will not let temporal cares take precedence over eternal concerns.

We will continually ask God for opportunities to witness to others, testifying to the work that God has done in our lives and of the authority of Jesus Christ to forgive sin and to bring people into relationship with God.

We commit this enterprise to the Lordship of Jesus Christ recognizing that He can do more than we could ever dare ask or dream of.

©2003 Watring & Associates, Inc.